Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

A fallen tree lands this customer out of her home

During one of our recent storms here in western New York this customer suffered a catastrophic loss. A tree outside the front of her home fell on her house and ... READ MORE

Rain water causes ceiling leakage

A local business realized that they had water dripping into their break room after a heavy rain shower that occurred that morning. Management knew that if there... READ MORE

Carpet soaking wet with storm water

Nothing like walking in your home to stepping into a sopping wet carpet saturated with rain water. The family knew that this job was bigger than they could hand... READ MORE

Water in family basement

A summer rain storm leaked into this beautiful basement that caused enough damage to where the floor needed to be removed. Our experienced production team dilig... READ MORE

Damaged shelving removed after leaked storm waters.

A storm that blew into the area left this basement full of water, and destroyed the bottom half of a wooden shelving unit that the family used to store their be... READ MORE

Water Damage - Roof Leak in East Amherst, NY

Customer had water damage to the family room due to heavy rains and wind. Plastic was hung to isolate the affected areas and to protect the rest of the home fro... READ MORE